SCOA MOTORS, is one of the leading Automobile Companies in Nigeria specializing in the distribution and service of a wide range of Passenger Cars, Trucks, Buses, and Trailers.


- MAN Trucks and Buses (Exclusive distributor in Nigeria)

- Peugeot


SCOA MOTORS is also involved in the Mass Transit Programmes of both Federal and State Governments where remarkable impact has been made. 


SCOA Motors is a household name in vehicle leasing.  Our experience in leasing has given us a sound understanding of our customers' needs, and our services have been fashioned towards
Maximum satisfaction of these needs.

  Our services include:

  1. Fleet Management.
  2. Trade in.
  3. Leasing – without buy-back and with buy-back after 24/36 months in operation.
  4. Provision of drivers.
  5. Service and repairs.