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SUPER 1800-3 – in a class of its own


The SUPER 1800-3, the most powerful tracked paver in its performance class, covers an incredibly wide range of applications. With a maximum pave width of 10 m and a machine length of just 6m, the VÖGELE paver handles motorway projects just as well as tight roundabouts.

Technical specifications

Version liquid-cooled 6-cylinder diesel engine
Manufacturer Cummins
Type QSB 6.7 – C170
Exhaust emissions standard European exhaust emissions standard 3a, US standard EPA Tier 3
Nominal output 127 kW / 2,000 U/min
ECO mode output 116 kW / 1,700 U/min
Fuel tank 300 l
Version provided with rubber pads
Ground contact 2,830 mm x 305 mm
Traction drive crawler tracks separate hydraulic drives with electronic control
Lubrication of track rollers lifetime
Track tension adjuster spring assembly
Pave speed (up to) 24 m/min
Travel speed (up to) 4.5 km/h
Hopper capacity 13 t
Width 3,265 mm
Feed height (bottom of material hopper) 615 mm
Standard oscillating
Positions can be adjusted in a forward direction by 75 mm or 150 mm
Option sprung (PaveDock)
Number 2
Version with replaceable feeder bars, direction of conveyor temporarily reversible
Drive separate hydraulic drives, proportional control
Speed (up to) 33 m/min
Number 2
Version with replaceable auger blades, auger rotation reversible
Diameter 400 mm
Drive separate hydraulic drives, proportional control
Rpm (up to) 84 U/min
Height infinitely variable
Standard height hydraulically adjustable by 15 cm
Lubrication centralized lubrication system, electrically-driven grease pump
Screed Type Basic width Maximum width Compacting systems
AB 500 2.55 m 8.5 m TV, TP1, TP2, TP2 Plus
AB 600 3 m 9 m TV, TP1, TP2, TP2 Plus
SB 300 3 m 10 m TV, TP1, TP2
SB 300 HD 3 m 8 m TV


Layer thickness (up to) 30 cm
Heating electric, thermostat-controlled
Power Supply Three-phase AC generator
Operating weight Screed Total weight
AB 500 TV 19,400 kg
AB 500 TP1 19,750 kg
AB 500 TP2 20,050 kg
AB 600 TV 19,800 kg
AB 600 TP1 20,150 kg
AB 600 TP2 20,500 kg
AB 600 TP2 Plus 20,900 kg
SB 300 TV 18,400 kg
SB 300 TP1 18,550 kg
SB 300 TP2 18,700 kg
SB 300 HD TV 18,450 kg


Length Screed Total length
AB 500 TV 6.04 m
AB 600 TV 6.04 m
AB 500 TP 6.17 m
AB 600 TP 6.17 m
SB 300 6.1 m

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