SUPER 2100-5








The new dash 5 paver


With the SUPER 2100-5i tracked paver, VÖGELE is taking two steps into the future at once: new operator ergonomics, more automated processes and faster set-up times, together with reduced noise and exhaust emissions. Highway Class pavers are perfectly at home whether on highways or handling other demanding large-scale projects.

Technical specifications

Version liquid-cooled 6-cylinder diesel engine
Manufacturer John Deere
Type 6.8L PVN
Exhaust emissions standard R96 Stage IIIa, Brazil MAR 1
Exhaust emissions after-treatment Exhaust silencer
Nominal output 187 kW / 2,000 U/min
ECO mode output 178 kW / 1,700 U/min
Fuel tank 400 l
Version provided with rubber pads
Ground contact 3,060 mm x 305 mm
Traction drive crawler tracks separate hydraulic drives with electronic control
Track tension adjuster spring assembly
Pave speed (up to) 25 m/min
Travel speed (up to) 4.5 km/h
Lubrication of track rollers lifetime
Hopper capacity 14 t
Width 3,280 mm
Feed height (bottom of material hopper) 590 mm
Standard oscillating
Positions Displaceable forwards by 100mm
Option sprung and oscillating (PaveDock), displaceable longitudinally by 100mm
Number 2
Version with replaceable feeder bars, direction of conveyor temporarily reversible
Drive separate hydraulic drive provided for each conveyor and each auger
Speed (up to) 45 m/min
Number 2
Version with replaceable auger blades, auger rotation reversible
Diameter 480 mm, 420 mm, 340 mm
Drive separate hydraulic drive provided for each conveyor and each auger
Rpm (up to) 80 U/min
Height infinitely variable
Standard height hydraulically adjustable by 15 cm
Lubrication centralized lubrication system, electrically-driven grease pump
Screed Type Basic width Maximum width Compacting systems
AB 500 2.55 m 8.75 m TV, TP1, TP2, TP2 Plus
AB 600 3 m 9.75 m TV, TP1, TP2, TP2 Plus
SB 300 3 m 13 m TV, TP1, TP2
SB 300 HD 3 m 10 m TV
SB 350 3.5 m 14 m TV, TP1, TP2


Layer thickness (up to) 40 cm
Heating electric, by heating rods
Power Supply Three-phase AC generator


Screed Total length
AB 500 TV 6.72 m
AB 500 TP1 6.85 m
AB 500 TP2 6.85 m
AB 500 TP2 Plus 6.85 m
AB 600 TV 6.72 m
AB 600 TP1 6.85 m
AB 600 TP2 6.85 m
AB 600 TP2 Plus 6.85 m
SB 300 TV 6.57 m
SB 300 TP1 6.57 m
SB 300 TP2 6.57 m
SB 300 HD TV 6.57 m
SB 350 TV 6.57 m
SB 350 TP1 6.57 m
SB 350 TP2 6.57 m

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