W 100 R

Small milling machine


EU Stage 3a/US EPA Tier 3

1,000 mm




Effective rear loader for economical milling operations


  • Powerful cold milling machine in the one-metre class for economical milling operations.
  • The machine offers a large variety of applications ranging from surface course milling jobs to complete pavement removal.
  • A variety of various milling drums enable high levels of flexibility and machine performance.
  • The levelling system LEVEL PRO PLUS integrated in the machine control system provides precise milling results.
  • To optimize the material loading process, the powerful rear-loading system can be flexibly adjusted.

Technical specifications

Exhaust emissions category EU Stage 3a/US EPA Tier 3

Operating weight, CE

14,700 kg

Milling width

1,000 mm

Milling depth max.

300 mm


6,100 cm³
Max. travel speed in wheeled design 7.5 km/h

Max. milling speed

2 km/h
Maximum power 155 kW / 211 HP

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